B.I. Atkins Store Today: If you have been following our B.I. Atkins story you have read B.J. Carter's comments regarding the original store B.I. opened long ago in Draper, NC. Over the weekend B.J. went hunting and actually found the old building! Here are his comments on the find:

'The entry in the historical calendar indicated that BI's store was at the intersection of Stadium Drive and Hundley Street. I thought that meant it was on the corner, actually it is down a ways from the corner, but it is still there and is still being used, not sure what for. The street is Stadium Drive. Back in the early days the streets were numbered, 100, 200, 300, and so on. This street was 600 in 1920. I am sure this is the building, the brick pattern on this building matches the 1920 picture.'

View the older photo HERE. Thank you B.J.!!!