Dodie Bach: One day in May Dodie called me over to take pictures of her Rhododendron. She wanted to put the picture on a Christmas card for a friend. The view was beautiful but in the process I managed to get this close-up of Dodie. She is Delores Bach and her life has been full. She was adopted into this country from Switzerland and married her great love Carl. Dodie traveled a lot. She was very interesting and never stopped talking. She took delight in helping people: collecting their mail when they were away; taking food to someone who was under the weather; taking chocolate milkshakes to her friend Bill at 3:30 in the afternoon. Bill was a patient in Blue Ridge and craved normal food. Sadly Dodie is a patient there now and, following a stroke, is able to speak only a tiny bit. Cruel fate has played with Dodie. So cruel. 08/2015