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Man of the Year 2010 : Thomas D. Perry
Tom Perry Selling BooksMany talk the talk. This one talks and walks .. and drives. In the last few years he has driven hundreds of miles from Ararat to Bassett in support of the "Best Little Library in Virginia", the Bassett Historical Center. Thank you Patrick County for sending him our way! His efforts in raising funds for the Bassett Historical Center go unmatched by anyone. Each spring he conducts a History Seminar and brings in interesting and nationally known speakers. He publishes books (Laurel Hill Publishing) on history and Books by Laurel Hill Publishingif you buy your copies at the Bassett Historical Center they receive all the proceeds. He has most recently led a group of Henry County residents in completing the Henry County Heritage Book in less than one year. His life is a mission: J.E.B. Stuart, the Bassett Historical Center, and the presentation of History itself. We are lucky to have him in our midst.

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