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Do You Remember Being Five?
Children pictured here at Walter Bondurant's fifth birthday party in Bassett, VA are: back row left to right: Andy Hayes, Katie Yale, Ann Snead, Mary Ann Lipford, Frances Lee Arendall, Barbara Joyce, Peggy Clark, Edward Barnes, Bob Hollandsworth, Dickie Williams, Hugh Chatham and Jimmy Joyce; Middle row left to right: Judy Pankovich, Betsy Stone, Harriette Bassett, Susan Roberts, John McGee, Carol Philpott, Martha Jane Wells, Kathrine Austin, Butch Jarrett, Diane Young, Pat Clay, Stan Chatham; Front row left to right: Bucky Williams, Wesley Wells, Walter Bondurant, Fran Lipford, Sammy Collins. The photo is from December of 1947.

From A Private Collection


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