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Fieldale Baptist Church Men's Sunday School Class
This photo of the Fieldale, Virginia Baptist Church Men's Sunday School Class was taken sometime during the 1940s we think. Below are some identifications sent in by viewers:

These IDs come from Reamey Winn:
#15 Taylor Marshall Hundley, #21 Joseph Saunders Hundley, #22 Ramey Davis (R D) Hundley are brothers. #23 Andrew Warren is their nephew. #28 Alvin Hundley is the son of #15 Taylor Marshall Hundley.

These IDs come from Joan Frith and Raeburn French:
First the picture was not taken in 1939 ---#17 is Rev Anthony Pollard and he served 1944 – 1947
1. Hurd Mason, 2. Frank Mitchell, 3.Wade Koontz, 4. Carl Hall, 5____________, 6. Jesse Dollarhigh, 7. Lonnie Hudson, 8. Buck Merriman, 9. Randolph Joyce, 10. O. D. Fox, 11. ________Hawks, 12. J. W. Martin, 13. Jimmy Robbins, 14._________Soots, 15._____________, 16._____________, 17. Rev. Anthony Pollard, 18. I. C Shartzer, 19. Grover Overby, 20. Gaither Overby, 21 Saunders Hundley, 22. R. D. Hudley, 23. _________Dalryple (sp.?), 24.___________, 25. _________Joyce, 26. Dallas Everette _—sure--, 27. Emory Goode, 28. Alvin Hundley

The following IDs come from Teddy Compton:
Left to Right Row 1: Woodrow Joyce, Mr. Mullins, Wade Koontz, J.Carl Hall, Mr. Denny, Jesse Dollyhigh, Mr. Hudson, E.L. Buck Merriman, J. Randolph Joyce
Row 2: O.D. Fox, Mr. Hawks, John W. Martin, Jimmy Robbins, Terrell Fulcher, T.M. Hundley, Luther Compton, Anthony Pollard
Row 3: Irvin Shatzer, Allan Ingram, Gaither Overby, Sanders Hundley, R.D. Hundley, Andrew Warren, Harvey Tilly
Row 4: Gordon Wilcox, Dallas Everett, Emory Goode, Paul L. Bryant. Picture taken about 1949.

From A Private Collection


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