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Joyce Family of RFD#2 Bassett, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Joyce were married in March of 1909 in Stella and lived for a while in Patrick County, VA. At the time this photo was taken Mr. Joyce was 57 and his wife, Martha Pearl Tilley Joyce, was 47. Large families were the norm in their day but their 15 were extra special. Note that two girls were twins: Mortenia and Virginia. Both of the twins and some of the other children are alive in 2011. The children are (viewer's left to right) Bobby Joe, Dennis Leon, Franklin Delano, Thomas Byrd, George Albert, Harry Webster, Vera Lee, Sanford Terry, O.D., Lillian Mortenia, Lucy Virginia, Roy Edward, Buford Woodrow, James Randolph, and Colleen Elizabeth.

From A Private Collection


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