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Archive Photo
Tracing Behelers And Thorntons
In the center is John Starling Thornton, father of Florence Thornton Beheler, and a member of the 57th Virginia Infantry, photo taken when he enlisted in 1861. At viewer's lower right is a family shot with John Starling Thornton, sporting a nice beard, standing in the center back. His daughter Florence married Hughes Edgar Beheler and had 7 children one of whom was Alonzo Benjamin Beheler pictured here with his wife Helen Mildred Shaw Beheler and, to the viewer's left, with a group of co-workers at Appalachian Power. (He's the one with the pipe.) The little boy at top left is Alonzo's and Helen's son, Larry Kenneth Beheler, on the steps of the Fieldale Baptist Church. At top right is their daughter Peggy as pictured in elementary school.

From A Private Collection

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