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Estelle Joyce
When you hear her name your think 'pretty' and that she was. She grew up a Smith in Patrick County and really was a beauty queen - Miss Patrick County. She married Randolph Joyce and had one son, Randolph Jr., whom we know as Randy. Here she is in the classroom at Fieldale Elementary back in the 1950s. It is most likely a third grade class. To her right is probably Melanie Daniels. To her left looking at the camera is Jim Joyce. In the center foreground is Mac Campbell and to his right is Harriett Martin. At viewer's far left is Jackie Fudge. Corrections or additions are welcome. 5-30-2014

From Tom Arnold: Soft spoken and very pretty, definitely not forgotten, thanks for sharing; they lived in a couple minutes walking distance from my grandparents, Pa Alec and Granny Ginnie's Arnold. I love spending most of my childhood summers with them as much as possible, my best buddy Dick Via lived just across the creek, Eddy Gibson neighbor on one side and David Hall on the other side next to my aunt Louise and Willie Patterson. Dick Via thought Willies and Louise was Bobby Joes parents (Tinkerboo) . The Vaughn kids were also playmates, Hazel and Albert Joyce lived where Eddy Gibson lived after they moved over around the Hodge farm, Vicki and Jody, Albert and Hazel's young'ns were lovingly adopted as neighbor grand kids, Vicki told me she claimed My grandparents as if they were her grandparents, Grannies often spoke lovingly of them as well a tinkerboo's buddy's , one in particular, Teddy Compton.....

From Linda Padgett Hollandsworth: Ah, Mrs. Joyce, my third grade teacher at Fieldale Elementary School! What a great lady! After I left her class that year, I went by to give her a goodbye kiss every day after school until I was in the fifth grade!

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