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Skinning It
Are you old enough to remember when women wore furs as a status symbol? Normally it wasn't cold enough to wear fur - only now and then. But furs were coveted. Little dead foxes were commonly seen draped around shoulders. Today real fur is sort of out replaced by fake furs - thank you Bob Barker. The animal rights mode kicked in. Today those little draped foxes are mostly seen in movies like Mad Max. These 4 women from the 1950s are wearing various animal skins ... real or fake. Second from the viewer's left is Edna Dove Young. Who are the other three?

Comment From Edna Dove Young: standing on my right is Paulina Deal; on my left is Christine Hager, and on my far left is Polly Turner. I think this photo may have been taken at a Ruritan Club event.

From A Private Collection


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