Arnn Aaron Family Henry and Pittsylvania County VA

Arnn Line:
Isaac Arnn was probably the youngest son of Abraham Arnn, Sr. He first married Polly Walker, daughter of Elisha and Judy Walker, on 7 Feb 1797. The only known child of this marriage was Susan Arnn who married Preston Edds on 12 Dec 1818 and moved to Saline, AR. Isaac's second marriage was to Issac Clay Arnn House Elizabeth Fuller, daughter of Zachariah and Letty Fuller, on 20 Dec 1802. Theirs was not a happy marriage. Records show that Isaac was brought into court and jailed a number of times. Most often, he was charged with failing to 'keep the peace and maintain good behavior towards all citizens and especially his wife, Elizabeth'. Isaac served as a 2nd Lieutenant in a company of Artillery of the 1st Regiment in the state militia. The administrator for Isaac's estate was qualified on 19 Aug 1844. He must have died shortly before this date in his late sixties. Children of Isaac Arnn Sr. and Elizabeth Fuller: Mary Ann 'Polly'; married Israel Fuller, Berryman married Joanna Amanda Blair, Asa married Sarah Mitchell, Frances married Philip Parrish, Letitia married William White, Isaac Jr. married Mary Clay Fuller, Sally married Henry P. Fuller and Zachariah married Martha A.E.M.J. Nuckols. I descend from Isaac Jr.

Issac Clay Arnn, C.W.Isaac Arnn, Jr. was born around 1820 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. He married Mary Clay Fuller, daughter of Timothy and Elizabeth (Hundley) Fuller, on 17 Sep 1842. Isaac, Jr. lived less than 3 years after their marriage and died before his son, Isaac Clay, was born on 3 Dec 1844. Family history states that Isaac, Jr. made two requests of his wife, Mary, while on his death bed. One was that she never remarry and the other was that she make sure that their surname always be correctly spelled as Arnn. Most of their neighbors mispronounced their name as Aaron and spelled it that way. She kept both promises and lived as a widow for almost 64 years. Only child of Isaac Arnn Jr.: Isaac Clay married Mary Ann Hubbard.

Issac Clay and Mary Hubbard Arnn Isaac Clay Arnn was born in the home of his maternal grandfather, Timothy Fuller, on 3 Dec 1844 after the death of his father earlier that year. He grew up in this household, also. He attended private schools in the community and is listed as a store clerk in the 1860 census. He enlisted on 4 Jun 1861 in Pittsylvania Co., VA as a private in Co. B, 38th Regt., VA Infantry, CSA. He was discharged in Nov 1861 as a result of a shell shot under his arm. At this time, he was described as 16 years old, 5'3" tall, fair complexion, gray eyes, light hair and his occupation was listed as clerk. On 25 Dec 1862, he re-enlisted as a private in the 2nd Co.E. 6th Regt. VA Cavalry CSA at Camp Ashby. At this time, he was described as 18 years old, light hair, gray eyes, light complexion and his occupation was listed as farmer. He served with J.E.B. Stuart, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee and was at Appomatox Court House when Gen. Lee surrendered. Isaac Clay married Mary Ann Hubbard, daughter of John Fuller and Stella Clement (Mitchell) Joseph Pinkney and Alva (Arnn) Hubbard Hubbard, on 10 Dec 1867 at the home of her parents. She was a faithful member of County Line Christian Church in Henry Co., VA. Isaac Clay died on 13 Apr 1924 and Mary on 2 Jan 1929. They are buried in the Arnn cemetery located on Rd. 811 off Rt. 57 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. In 1987, Arthur Gauldin owned the farm on which the cemetery is located. Children of Isaac Clay Arnn: Annie Pearla married Henry Clay Hundley, Ashby Lela married (1) Mildred Ann Hundley (2) Myrtle Ethel Aaron and (3) Minnie Gertrude (Rogers) Hubbard Pastel, John Isaac married Ida Mayfield Fuller, Rosa Lee never married, Alva Marion was the second wife of Joseph Pinkney Hubbard, Grace Lenore married William Otey Allen, Raleigh Clay died as an infant, Hugh White married (1) Geneva Joseph Aaron and (2) Janie Lee Burch, Mary Stella (Dollie) married Horace Benson Price and Elizabeth Hamilton married Abel Lawrence.

Alva Marion (Arnn) Hubbard was my great great grandmother. Her grandson, Cecil Randolph Hubbard, was my paternal grandfather. He married Mary Gladys Wells who was a descendant of George Aaron, brother of Isaac Arnn.

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