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Fieldale Baptist Church 1939 Mens Sunday School
At least 2 brothers from The Joyce Family of Henry County are pictured here at Sunday School in 1939. Randolph Joyce stands on the front row, viewer's far right. His brother Woodrow stands at the viewer's far left of that same row. This photo was taken at the old front of the Fieldale Baptist Church. It's a long time ago - can you name any others? Third from viewer's left front is Wade Koontz, the town barber. Fourth from the viewer's left is Mr. Hall, Husky Hall's father. On the back row in the very center of the two doors is Carl Griffith. To the viewer's right from Carl and wearing a bowtie is Mr. Goode. Maybe you will agree! Look at the large version linked below and then send your identifications to

Concerning the Joyce family: there were 13 more children besides Woodrow and Randolph! Large families were the norm back then but their 15 were extra special. Two girls were twins: Mortenia and Virginia. Both of the twins and some of the other children are alive in 2011. The children were Bobby Joe, Dennis Leon, Franklin Delano, Thomas Byrd, George Albert, Harry Webster, Vera Lee, Sanford Terry, O.D., Lillian Mortenia, Lucy Virginia, Roy Edward, Buford Woodrow, James Randolph, and Colleen Elizabeth.

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Randolph Joyce Store
Asa Boulin, Randolph Joyce, Eugene Roberts 1965

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