Mr. Pringle the puppet

I took him out and put him in Daddy's coat
But he still couldn't talk,

So I gave him a big red nose
And put a bow tie at his throat;

Then he could talk with me all day
If i told him what to say.

If I tied strings to his hands and feet
And stood him on Daddy's seat

He could sing and dance a jig.
The only way to shut him up

Was to take him out of my daddy's clothes
And put him in his pile of rags

And back in his attic bed

A sister is someone who loves from her heart
No matter that you both live apart

No matter how much you disagree
Once she enters your life
She is there to the end
Running along beside you day after day
Envying you the things she was too little to do

Then became a stranger
When she lived far from you
For her days are different
And your days she can't know
But now that you both are in the ninties
Why don't you live together?

ęCopyright May 2014 Margaret P. Adkins
Pictured: Margaret and her bowling group at lunch

Look around you and what do you see?
A room a table and chairs for three
and me
For this is my house
And always will be
The flowers in my yard

Bloom just or me
When they do I know spring is here
And when they die
I know winter is near

So I check for things
That may go wrong
The heat
My car
And me